Fine art photography of vanishing Tibetan cultures, rapidly disappearing Antarctic regions and endangered Sonoran ecosystems.

All image media, matting, backing, framing and glazing Our framed prints are glazed with ACRYLITE® OP3, which is the finest acrylic glazing available. It blocks nearly all damaging UV light, so your artwork will be protected from fading, yellowing, and becoming brittle. The amount of visible light let through is simply amazing, it makes the photos look like they glow or have a light behind them. You will also notice the dramatic glare reduction it offers, and makes our prints simply amazing. is museum archival This relates to how long a picture is made to last. To determine if a picture is archival or not, photographers use "The Grandma Test," meaning if a picture can last for three generations without a person being able to notice fading, or by 8% or less, it’s archival. Our inks, papers, methods, and glazings are all made for maximum life and should typically fade by less than 1% over 100 years, surpassing museum standards. .

All color images are chromogenic Lambda prints, printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Professional paper For our Chromogenic Lambda prints we use this type of paper. It's real photo paper, the choice the best photographers use for their film developing, but our print process develops digital images onto it instead of using film negatives. The heavy duty archival sheets have embedded silver halide crystals that become activated in several layers to develop into a beautiful image that will outlast most archival museum pieces. .

All monotone and split-toned images are piezographic carbon pigment prints, printed on museum-quality cotton rag archival papers using custom formulated carbon-based pigment inks We use carbon pigment for our black and white "ink." Carbon, as in the element C, atomic number 6, what diamonds are made of, and is redefining black and white printing in our studio. I use six families of carbon pigments, with six to seven shades each. Six inks contain selenium as well for amazing depth. This yields timeless archival images that are highly stable over time. These are truely the best black and white photographs available, and it really shows. .